Personal Development Programme

These programmes are known as Shadowmatch PDPs and their purpose is to build specific habits that are necessary for a specific purpose. All people need specific behavioural patterns, for a specific purpose, to deal with challenges they face. These challenges may be a job or career related, sports relate, student-success related or just a general life situation that needs to be handled. The best wat to explain these programmes is by means of an example. Let’s say you are promoted from a technical job to be the manager of team of technical workers. Now you suddenly experience that the demand to predominantly work with these people has intensified. In a situation like this, you could decide to sign up with a coach that will guide you through the PDP for strengthening your People Positive Habit.

The Shadowmatch system provides a long list of PDPs. These are experience-based habit-building programmes that can help individuals build strong behavioural patterns that will empower them to deal with specific challenges of life.