Frontline of Hope

This page is dedicated to all frontline workers around the world.

We are group of Christ following individuals that work on the frontlines that represents a diverse group of people with different back grounds and disciplines. We have a passion for our community and their families. A passion that spills over in helping the exact same community to represent Christ in their everyday life. We help frontline workers with finding the balance in their professional, spiritual and family lives. To find and build the love that binds us as a family together.

This website serves as testimony that you are not alone and that there is a whole network of like minded frontline workers willing to support and pray for everyone in fellowship. It is not from the significant others, but rather from those who understand what YOU feel and and what you are going through without explaining anything in detail. Why? Because we’ve been there. We know how it is. We know how it feels to be in a place where words will only do injustice if we try to explain. We do this by not forgetting our families who also need the support and guidance from fellow comrades, since they are the ones closest to us. There is a n unmistakable truth in the words “what we feel, they feel“. We are all one family in Christ.

Coaching is a specific approach in the world of support for optimal success. The word is rooted in the world of sport and is now used in a wider sense to take the sport coaching principles into non-sports related life performance optimization. The value of a coach is clear when it comes to helping someone optimize their success. Read more

Frontline Coaching

Our goal is to build an ongoing relationship between frontline workers and to help them to grow spiritual. Our aim is to help traumatized friends and families to “journey” through the effects of trauma in their lives as a collective family. We believe that if we journey together as a family, we will grow together, build together and make a difference together.

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