Frontline Coaching

Coaching is a specific approach in the world of support for optimal success. The word is rooted in the world of sport and is now used in a wider sense to take the sport coaching principles into non-sports related life performance optimization. The value of a coach is clear when it comes to helping someone optimize their success. Think about a sports coach. A tennis coach doesn’t use the techniques that apply to golf when coaching tennis players. The tennis coach uses tennis techniques. A clever coach works with two sets of coaching techniques. A general one and a set If specific ones, General coaching techniques are those basic s that every good tennis players must get right. For instance: to place the ball, to strike the ball optimally, to watch the ball up to the point of impact and so on. But then there are also specific techniques. All top tennis players get the basic techniques right, but they all have some uniqueness in the way they get it right. What the clever coach does, is to guide the player to get the general basics optimally right using an angle that is unique to the player.



The above-mentioned is exactly the same with all forms of coaching. There are lots of basics that we need to get right in order to flourish in life. A few examples will help you understand this, to study for an exam, a few basic apply: repetition, memory, time management, mindful reading (to know exactly what you read), and so on.

Then there are personal preferences on how to remember, how to repeat, how to pace yourself etc. This is where Shadowmatch coach can help. The system provides the content based on very thorough research. The coach and client use the content as provided by the system to build optimal behaviours that allow the client to live a successful meaningful and fulfilled life.