A Fathers’ Legacy 3: Pillar 2 – Persona

Pillar 2: Persona

John 3:30

Persona is our default way of interacting with the world around us. But, oftentimes our default persona is most clearly revealed in times of crisis.

Who are you in those moments? Do you default to anger or confusion, drinking or drugs, pornography or illicit sex? The truth is that without an established character, a good attitude, and a strong inner circle, the survival instinct will kick in and you may find yourself doing stupid things to cope with the pain. If you have the right inner circle and a strong personality, you will default to good character and a positive attitude, dust yourself off, and modify your game plan.

Tragedy and crisis hit all men. Your persona will either rise up to keep you going or crumble under the pressure. The fact is that you will get hit, but the question is, what is your plan when you do? When you squeeze an orange, tomato juice does not come out—only orange juice. It’s much the same with all of us—when we are squeezed, the real us comes out.

When Christ walked into your life, his DNA began connecting to your DNA. His life is now growing ever stronger within you. This growth means that you and those around you should notice change in your life. Change that is moving to Christ and away from the old you.

Think About It:

  1. How has your persona changed since you started a relationship with Christ?
  2. Can you sense areas that may not have changed yet, but you can tell Jesus is hard at work on them? What are some of those areas?
  3. If Christ lives within you, what are practical ways you can become more like him?
  4. What are ways you can allow his graces (compassion, favor, forgiveness, kindness, goodness, and love) to shine through you?
  5. What people have noticed about (or been affected by) your persona since you met Jesus?

Legacy Lifter:

The kingdom of darkness is not afraid of Jesus in you, its afraid of Jesus coming out of you!