LENT: Christ’s journey to the cross | Day 1

Luke 22:7-20

As the Advent season prepares our hearts for Christmas, Lent prompts us to ponder the significance of the resurrection of Christ. Lent (from Latin, meaning fortieth) is the forty days from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday. In this season, early Christians stepped out of their normal routines to spend time considering Christ’s journey to the cross. This five-day Plan helps us begin the Lent season in this posture.

Jesus professed to be the Son of God. Is He? The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ can be both perplexing and amazing. Did Jesus Christ really rise from the grave? Perhaps Christianity hinges on this one question. He either accomplished this or He did not. Jesus also claimed to forgive sin, something only God can do. The weight of this alone warrants further examination.

“Then the high priest said to him, ‘I demand in the name of the living God—tell us if you are the Messiah, the Son of God.’

Jesus replied, ‘You have said it’” (Matthew 26:63-64, NLT).

During these five days, find yourself in Jesus’ conversation with His disciples. Sit around the table listening to Him. Imagine sharing a final meal with Jesus. Learn from the life-changing words He offers.

Observe the Scripture, interpret the meaning, and apply it to your own life. Develop a new sense of gratitude. Witness one pivotal event of His final week on earth and begin to understand the powerful declaration of His words.

The Lamb of God is with us. His name is Jesus. As you may discover for yourself, He conquered sin and He conquered the grave.



Consider these questions as you read the Scripture and pray for understanding.

What do you learn about Jesus in this passage?

What is significant about what He does?

What do you find most interesting?