But how do we keep faith in the middle of a storm?

It’s easy to say that our faith won’t falter when life is going smoothly, but it’s harder to say so when you’re in the midst of a storm. Sometimes all you can do is stand tall and push straight through.

This is something that I teach from a business perspective to my employees. The best thing to do to overcome a difficult time is to keep on pushing through. There is a difference between standing still and staying stagnant. Choosing to stand firm against your opposition is still a decision. Staying the course is a choice.

Standing is a move!

You can always give up. You can always quit. You can always turn your back on what you’re doing. Standing firm in your faith is often the most difficult decision that there is. It is also often the best decision there is.

There was an old phrase used among sailors back when most ships relied on sails; hold fast. This phrase would be shouted over the sound of thunder or of a battle from one sailor to the other.

When this phrase was used, it meant to stay at your position. To remain tightly secured in the face of adversity. When a storm is going over your boat, and the going gets tough, stand firm, and hold fast!

Life is full of waves. Sometimes you emerge unscathed, and other times you aren’t as lucky. The way I see it is that you are a survivor of every single storm so far. You have emerged victorious in every single hardship that you have been through up until this point.

When God is on your side, you’ll always have a winning record.