But God


The passage does not continue with “You were dead, but you got better. You found a way. You figured it out.” No! It says: you were dead, but God. Paul says, “But God who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ…raised us up with Christ…and seated us with Him.” The phrase “in Christ” or “with Christ” is very important for Paul. He uses it many times to describe the state of where we find ourselves when grace is extended. We are found then and forever more with Christ. 

Paul continues with saying, “So that in the coming ages He might show incomparable riches of His grace.” You were, But God, So that. 6 words to memorize in this passage. You were dead, but God rescued you, so that in the years to come God will be revealing more of the surpassing wealth of His grace.

This is actually where we got the idea of the iceberg, or as we could call it, the graceberg. The illustration is simple and beautiful. What sticks up above the water is a small percentage of what is below the water. The below part is bigger. This is the point of God pouring out His grace on us. It’s much more than what we can see. It’s bigger, deeper, heavier. And for ages to come means that from now until forever He will continuously reveal more of this underserved gift. 

Grace is something we are still trying to wrap our heads around. It’s always bigger than we think it’s going to be. Do you think you can love too much? I don’t. I’ve never had to tell a couple in marital counseling, “I think your problem is that you love too much.” 

When I first met Jesus, I believe I was washed over with the first taste of what love really meant. Then I met my wife, Elona, and I had never experienced love like that in a human relationship. I grew in love. But then my daughter was born. And boy did that really mess me up! Here’s this little human who can’t do anything, yet I would do anything for him! Then my twin daughters was born. Two little girls who looks exactly like each other as a perfect combination between me and Elona! And this love in me is just getting bigger and bigger. 

It’s the same way with God’s grace. There’s another room with another door. You keep walking and there’s always more—the surpassing riches of His grace. From now until forever He will be showing us that. Can you imagine?