We’re so pleased that you’re thinking of visiting us. During this time of Coronavirus Lockdown, we’ve completely changed how we […]

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Live Show Stories are the way to reach out to people and connect emotionally. Hearing someone’s story helps us understand […]

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Frontline of Hope

This page is dedicated to all frontline workers around the world. We are group of Christ following individuals that work […]

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Cloud Ministries primarily operates amongst “Frontline workers” and their immediate family.  Frontline Workers is individuals that work within the emergency services. Emergency services is defined as any organization or service that responds to or deals with the individuals that have been traumatically affected by some traumatic or disastrous incident.

Frontline workers working in these organisations normally work shifts and find it difficult to get to a Church for spiritual support.

Furthermore, Frontline Workers deal with one traumatic scene after another and this by itself has far reaching implications on their general wellbeing and mental state. Depression and Post Traumatic Stress, in its different forms, are also part of Frontline Worker’s lives. As a result, there is a high staff turnout and suicide is not uncommon. This loss of highly skilled personnel has a significant, negative impact on various services and the broader community.

The focus of Cloud Ministries is aimed at bringing Christ to frontline workers, provide spiritual guidance and support in an effort to reduce the impact of high levels of stress.

Our aim is to create a safe platform to share the Gospel to frontline workers, families and trauma survivors by using CM Connect, Life Groups, PITSTOP and other online church services.